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Since 1988, Queenswood Consulting Group (QCG) has been a trusted advisor to executives and senior staff that span a range of industries and areas of knowledge. Queenswood Consulting Group is a highly skilled partnership of management consultants that has been providing services in the public and non-profit sector for 20 years. Our focus is on developing and implementing creative but practical solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We specialize in a range of management consulting services that have proven over time to generate the greatest return for clients. Our goal is to add value to organizations through transfering unique knowledge and skills, providing the critical support required to deliver results within budget and on-time.

QCG works closely with clients to implement strategies and achieve changes necessary to improve performance and realize expected results. This is achieved through our unique approach to dealing with serious issues and difficult problems - combining practical techniques with leading-edge management practices. The end result is that our clients are left with more than just answers - they benefit from solutions that work. In particular, we are proud of our strong ties to the social services sectors of both government and non-profit agencies. We have a demonstrated ability to meet the unique needs of our clients, with an extensive track record in helping organizations achieve the delicate balance between achieving strategic priorities while maintaining financial strength.

Our Services

Serving communities, non-profits and government since 1989.

Research &

Consultation processes, including interviews, online surveys, focus groups, and interactive large sessions • Administrative and statistical data analysis • Literature, jurisdictional and best practice reviews • Research ethics • Cost-benefit analysis


Operational reviews • Board facilitation sessions • Member, staff, and funder stakeholder consultations • Environmental scans • Actionable strategic plans, integrated with performance management

Organizational Development

Board orientation • Board roles and responsibilities • Governance training • Operational reviews • Financial management • Policy development • Succession planning

Program &
Operational Reviews

Member, staff, funder, and stakeholder consultations • Administrative data analysis • Literature, jurisdictional, and best practices reviews • Plain language reports • Engaging graphics


Project charters • Detailed project plans and schedules • Regular status reports

Facilitation &

Individual interviews • Online surveys • Focus groups • Large group facilitation • Interactive polling software • Social media • Online forum

Our Expertise

Committed to helping --- Committed to improving.

Examples of recent work

Proud to serve our community for more than 25 years...

  • Medical Beneficiary Branch Policy Review

    Developed comprehensive policy frameworks for all seven program areas of the Medical Beneficiary Branch, which, among its responsibilities, determines eligibility for and enrolment in the Medical Services Plan, considers and approves requests for out of province services, addresses extra billing issues, and administers Ministry of Health-related issues regarding the BC Services Card. The project required consideration and understanding of program areas at very different stages of policy development and implementation, and the development of appropriate tailored workplans to review, revise, and build relevant policy as appropriate to the program. Comprehensive policy manuals, written in plain language and available in hard copy and electronic versions, were developed and adopted for all program areas.

  • BC Services Card Policy Framework Development

    Led the development of a comprehensive policy framework related to new requirements for enroling, renewing enrolment, and cancellation of enrolment in MSP, as it relates to the new BC Services Card. This work included the identification of policy requirements, gaps in existing policy, impact on related policy, and the drafting of comprehensive policy statements and frameworks for all four major policy streams., as well as the development of comprehensive business rules to guide the design and implementation of an appropriate data system to support operations of the BC Services Card.

  • Plecas Review of MCFD’s Child Welfare System

    Retained as the lead writer and information analyst for a review of British Columbia’s child welfare system, arising out of a high-profile court case, which challenged MCFD’s child welfare approach, systems, and operations. Responsible for analysing, synthesizing and communicating all relevant information, and for coordinating the final report, which presented a comprehensive review of the child welfare situation in British Columbia. The report, which included an eight-part plan with a series of recommendations to improve the child welfare system in BC, was accepted by government and is in the process of being fully implemented.

  • Colonoscopy Service Review

    Coordinated a review of colonoscopy services in British Columbia, including managing the work of three working groups (dedicated to the subjects of clinical standards and quality, data and analytics, and service delivery organizational models) and coordinating the transactions of a steering committee made up of representatives from the Ministry of Health and the health authorities. Organized and coordinated joint working sessions for working group members, who came from across the province to discuss issues and arrive at options for improving the service delivery system. The final deliverable was a report summarizing the research and conclusions of the working groups and coordinating the information into a single document that provided 43 recommendations for adoption within British Columbia.

  • Industry Training Authority, Youth Review and Restructuring

    Led a review of the ITA Youth Strategy, designed to increase the number of youth who continue in apprenticeships after high school graduation. Subsequently contracted to coordinate a restructuring of youth trades programs in order to meet the BC Jobs Blueprint goal of significantly increasing youth participation and continuation onto apprenticeship. Work included project management, an environmental scan of youth trades programs, an assessment of best practices identified from literature and other jurisdictions, review of ITA administrative data, stakeholder consultation, developing a report and recommendations, and supporting implementation through the development of policies, procedures, and performance measures.

  • Alternate Assessment Framework for Applicants with Incomplete Documentation

    Developed an alternate assessment framework for regulatory and certifying bodies to use when internationally trained applicants are unable to provide complete documentation of their education, experience or character. Work included a literature review, consultation with BC and Canadian regulatory and certifying bodies and subject matter experts through online surveys, telephone interviews, and an advisory group, developing a draft framework and supporting materials, and revising following feedback from BC regulators.

  • BC Internationally Educated Health Professionals Initiative Evaluation

    Acted as the external evaluator for the BC IEHPI, which sought to enhance BC’s capacity to build and maintain a sustainable workforce by accelerating and expanding the assessment and integration of IEHPs. Work included developing an evaluation framework to assess the success of this complex initiative towards objectives set by Health Canada; reviewing administrative data; preparing case studies; developing performance measures; stakeholder consultation (including IEHPs); and preparing qualitative and quantitative evaluation reports.


50 years combined experience serving non-profits, government, corporations and small business.

René Peloquin

Rene is a lawyer and management consultant with 20 years’ experience. He offers a strong track record with respect to strategic and operational planning, change management, program evaluation and analysis, policy development, and performance measurement. René has significant experience working with the social services, housing and health sectors, including working on the initial strategic plan for the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, a number of strategic planning processes for Covenant House Vancouver, the Victoria Cool Aid Society and the Lookout Society of Vancouver, and the development of the provincial shelter umbrella group which became Shelter Net BC. René has also worked on projects involving a number of ministries and agencies that deliver housing, health and social services at the Ministry, Crown Agency/Authority, and service provider levels. René holds degrees from Carleton University (BA, Hons) and the University of Victoria (JD), and is a member of the Bar of British Columbia. He currently serves as chair of the Board of Directors of the Victoria Cool Aid Society.

email: rpeloquin@queenswoodconsulting.com

Jane Worton

Jane has more than 15 years’ experience in the public and non‐profit sector as a management consultant, facilitator and researcher. With outstanding research and analytic skills, Jane is able to quickly gather and synthesize complex information from multiple sources. She has experience designing consultation processes which effectively generate needed information and engage key stakeholders, and is trained and practiced in a number of evaluation methodologies. Jane is a strong writer, accomplished at summarizing complex ideas in clear text and simple graphics, and writing comprehensive and engaging reports. A trusted resource for the non-profit and public sector, Jane has developed organizational policies, provided governance and financial management training (in-person and through web-conferencing), supported program development and evaluation, and helped to plan for the future.

email: jworton@queenswoodconsulting.com

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